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Are you interested in non-invasive procedures such as lasers and fillers but scared of suffering the pain involved in the procedure? You are not the first person to be worried about discomfort in a treatment or having concerns about taking narcotics to numb the pain. If you knew that you could now minimize any discomfort involved with your chosen procedure without relying on drugs would you be more likely to go through with the procedure of your choice? Well, it is now possible with Pro-Nox in Portland.

What is Pro-Nox?

Your comfort is one of our highest priorities, therefore we are always looking to cutting-edge technology that produces excellent results with less pain and a shorter recovery. Luckily, a brand-new anti-pain system called Pro-Nox has just hit the market. It is making it possible for patients to “take the edge off” without the use of narcotics. Pro-Nox uses nitrous oxide gas. The system allows you to adjust the level of comfort when undergoing a procedure.

How does Pro-Nox work?

Pro-Nox combines nitrous oxide and oxygen to produce mild sedation. The combination of these gases is not new to medicine; however, the form of delivery is. Nitrous oxide and oxygen have been used in the dental industry for years to manage pain and calm anxiety. Many patients love the fact that the delivery of Nitrous Oxide and oxygen is literally in their hands with Pro-Nox. With Pro-Nox, you control the amount of sedative you receive. This aspect of our Portland Pro-Nox can be very reassuring to patients that worry about receiving too much or too little pain relief.

Is Pro-Nox considered safe?

Pro-Nox is an extremely safe and fast-acting solution to pain. Not only will the amount you receive be under your control, but it will also clear the body within minutes after your procedure. This means you will be able to drive yourself home in just minutes following your treatment.

When am I able to use Pro-Nox?

Many procedures can be done with the use of Pro-Nox. If your procedure of choice does not require general anesthesia, you will likely be able to use Pro-Nox during your treatment. During your consultation, our skilled surgeon will rule out any contraindications you may have to Pro-Nox. Pro-Nox can be used during the following procedures:

  • Liposuction
  • Body contouring procedures
  • Other injectables such as Restylane, Radiesse and Kybella
  • Laser skin resurfacing treatments
  • Microneedling
  • Vein treatments

Why should I choose Pro-Nox in Portland for my procedure?

Our Pro-Nox in Portland has become extremely popular with our patients. This is because it can be used in addition to local anesthesia and makes the overall procedure more pleasant and tolerable. It not only provides a buffer against physical pain; it also can lessen any "nerves" or psychological stress related to the treatment.

Benefits of Pro-Nox

Some of the benefits of Pro-Nox include:

  • Self-administered
  • Works quickly
  • Provides relief from pain and anxiety
  • Last for a short period only
  • Not a pain medication or narcotic
  • The perfect addition to cosmetic procedures

Will I feel pain during my procedure?

While Pro-Nox does not replace local anesthetic, it does have an analgesic (pain-killing) effect. Pro-Nox not only allows your entire body to calm down due to its effect on the nervous system, but it also enhances the effect of local anesthetic and can make its effects more potent. You will still be fully awake and able to communicate with us during your treatment.

Are there any risks or side effects with Pro-Nox?

Nitrous oxide is considered one of the safest forms of sedation due to its extensive track record in the medical field. Its main advantage over other forms of sedation is that it dissipates so quickly, and you will feel able to drive and return to your regular activities without taking time for the anesthetic to leave your body.

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