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BOTOX is the leading non-surgical facial rejuvenation solution. It temporarily paralyzes dynamic wrinkles throughout the face, softening an aging appearance and restoring your youthful glow.

What you need to know about BOTOX injections

  • The injections aren’t painful and take about 10 minutes
  • The treatment is completed in the comfort of Dr. Lewis’s office
  • No anesthesia is necessary, though we will apply numbing cream if desired
  • The results are temporary and need to be maintained every three to six months
  • Numerous studies have proven the safety and efficacy of BOTOX

What can BOTOX do for you?

  • Improve frown lines
  • Soften a heavy, square jaw
  • Smooth crow’s feet
  • Minimize lines around the mouth

When should I start getting BOTOX injections?

There isn’t a magic age when all men and women should start getting BOTOX. However, your age will influence your treatment.

How to avoid “frozen” BOTOX results

Poorly done BOTOX is commonplace due to people getting injections at BOTOX parties and spas, and by inexperienced or unlicensed practitioners. For BOTOX to look natural, it needs to be done by a provider who understands facial aesthetics, anatomy of the facial muscles, and the nuances of the toxin.

That’s why to avoid a “frozen” look, it’s important to have your injections done by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. They know how much of the toxin to administer to address your lines and wrinkles, while ensuring that you can still move your face naturally.

The day of your injections

Your treatment will begin with Dr. Lewis asking you to make a number of facial expressions as he carefully marks the areas where he will place your BOTOX injections. He will numb your face with ice, and if you desire, a numbing cream, though it’s not typically necessary.

From there, Dr. Lewis will place your injections during a simple, 10-minute process. There is no downtime, and you will be free to return to work and your normal daily routine right away.

How to preserve your new, youthful look

BOTOX results are incredible – but they are also temporary. As such, you will need to return to Dr. Lewis’s office every four months for repeat injections if you want to preserve your new look.

If you maintain this schedule, you will ultimately require less BOTOX over time. Your muscles will eventually weaken, so you won’t need as much of the toxin to minimize them.

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