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If your hair is thinning and you’re ready to do something about it, NeoGraft hair restoration in Portland Oregon is an ideal solution. It restores a natural-looking hairline with no linear scar and very minimal downtime.

Day After Surgery

  • Compression bandage has just been removed.
  • Notice how minimal the donor sites are just 48hrs after the procedure.
  • Many patients opt to get a “fade” using a #0 clip from their barber prior to the procedure to avoid the “bad haircut” look.
  • Notice the mild facial swelling and mild scabbing around the grafts
Dr. Lewis Hair Restoration

1 Week After Surgery

  • Hair faded and blended by my barber 1 week out from my procedure.
  • Notice that the donor sites on the back of the head a barely visible at 1 week.
  • Scabbing around the grafts remains minimal
  • Facial swelling almost gone
Dr. Lewis Hair Restoration

2 Weeks After Surgery

  • Donor sites no longer visible at 2 weeks out.
  • Scabs surrounding the grafts have fallen off and there is now “stubble” along the new hairline from the transplanted hairs.
Dr. Lewis Hair Restoration

3 Weeks After Surgery

  • By three weeks the transplanted hairs have all fallen out and I look exactly as I did before the procedure.
  • THIS IS NOT the final result! After the procedure, the transplanted hairs fall out but the hair follicles remain and then start re-growing after a couple of months. 6-9 months after the procedure is when all the new hair has grown in (stay tuned!)
Dr. Lewis Hair Restoration

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If your hair is thinning and you’re ready to do something about it, contact Dr. Lewis' office today and discover how NeoGraft follicular unit extraction can give you the best results in hair restoration Portland Oregon has to offer.

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