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The neck is one of the first body parts to reveal your age. If yours is making you look years older than you feel, a lift with Dr. Lewis can restore the smooth neck of your youth.

Rediscover your smooth + contoured neck

  • Soften sun or wind damaged skin on the neck
  • Minimize the appearance of a “turkey wattle” neck
  • Reduce a double or triple chin
  • Remove excess fat + sagging skin on the neck
  • Improve jowls beneath the jaw

FAQ: Why is my neck aging faster than my face?

It’s common for the neck to age quickly because the skin there is thinner. That’s why damage from collagen loss and environmental elements often shows up on the neck first, causing lax skin, wrinkling and other signs of aging.

Are you “ready” for a neck lift?

A neck lift can be an important step in reclaiming your youthful appearance. You may be ready for this procedure if you:

  • Are over 30 years of age
  • Have lax skin, wrinkles and unwanted fat on the neck
  • Have jowls and a “turkey wattle” appearance to your neck
  • Have good skin elasticity
  • Are in good general health

The neck lift procedure

Your neck lift will be done under general anesthesia. For most patients, Dr. Lewis will make small incisions beneath the chin and behind the ears. Through those openings, he will tighten a lax platysma muscle, trim away any excess skin, and remove unwanted fat. He will then reposition your skin and close the incisions carefully to minimize any scarring.

In some cases, Dr. Lewis will perform your neck lift via liposuction instead. This is an option if your issue is a double or triple chin and your skin has good elasticity. With this procedure, smaller incisions are required and the recovery period is shorter.

What to expect as you heal

Most patients need to take off from work for two weeks after a neck lift. For the first 24 hours, you should have a friend or family member stay with you.

During the initial recovery period, avoid anything that could irritate your neck, such as tight shirts or clothing that must be pulled over the head.

Avoid strenuous activity, heavy lifting and exercise for a few weeks. During your post-operative appointments, Dr. Lewis will let you know when it’s safe to resume your normal exercise routine based on your progress.

Results: What will you look like after surgery?

Patients are typically overjoyed by the crisp angle of the neck that they see the day after surgery when Dr. Lewis removes their post-operative wrap.

Neck lift results tend to emerge gradually, with the full improvement appearing at around six months. Thanks to well-placed incisions and a careful closure method, Dr. Lewis’s scars are generally minimal.

Once you’ve healed completely, you should enjoy firmer neck skin and a defined jawline. The results of Dr. Lewis’s neck lifts last a lifetime though you will continue to age normally.

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