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Discover the path to your true identity with expert MTF gender affirming surgery. Begin your journey with precision, compassion, and the highest standard of personalized care with Dr. Matthew Lewis.

About MTF Surgery

MTF (Male to Female) gender affirming surgery represents a series of specialized procedures within the field of plastic surgery aimed at aligning an individual’s physical appearance with their identified female gender. This transformative journey includes various surgical options such as breast augmentation, body contouring, and facial feminization surgeries, each tailored to enhance feminine features and assist individuals in reflecting their true selves. Dr. Matthew Lewis combines advanced surgical techniques with a deep understanding of the nuances of femininity to create results that look natural and feel congruent with each patient’s identity. In the realm of MTF surgery, the goal is to provide a physical transition that mirrors the individual's inner beauty and essence, offering a path to living authentically and confidently.

How MTF Surgery Helps You Express Your Identity

MTF surgery encompasses a range of procedures designed to align one's physical appearance with one's female identity, focusing on key areas:

Breast Augmentation:

  • Utilizes implants (silicone or saline) to enhance breast size and shape, tailored to the individual’s desired outcome.
  • May involve fat grafting for a more natural look and feel, where suitable.

Body Contouring:

  • Liposuction to remove excess fat from targeted areas, such as the waist and abdomen, enhancing feminine curves.
  • Fat grafting to areas like the hips and buttocks to create a more traditionally feminine silhouette.

Facial Feminization Surgery:

  • Scalp advancement and hairline lowering to reduce the forehead size and adjust the hairline for a more feminine appearance.
  • Rhinoplasty to refine the nose shape and size, aligning it more closely with feminine proportions.
  • Jaw and chin contouring to soften the angles of the lower face, creating a more oval or heart-shaped facial structure.
  • Cheek augmentation through implants or fat grafting enhances cheek fullness and achieves a softer, more feminine contour.

What Patients Gain from MTF Surgery with Dr. Lewis

MTF surgery with Dr. Matthew Lewis provides significant benefits for individuals aligning their appearance with their female identity, enhancing well-being and fulfillment. Key benefits include:

  • Closer alignment of appearance with gender identity
  • Improved self-esteem and body image
  • Reduced gender dysphoria
  • Boosted confidence in social and professional settings
  • Increased comfort with one's body
  • Greater authenticity in daily life

About MTF Surgery Procedures and Recovery

MTF surgery is a comprehensive process, beginning with a detailed consultation to customize the surgical plan. Procedures vary in complexity and are performed under general anesthesia to maximize comfort. Recovery guidance includes timelines, pain management, and follow-up care to ensure smooth healing. Dr. Lewis supports patients from the initial consultation to full recovery, focusing on safety and desired outcomes.

Are You a Candidate for MTF Surgery?

Becoming a candidate for MTF surgery is a significant step in the gender affirmation process, involving comprehensive consideration of one’s readiness and suitability for the procedure. Dr. Lewis and his team provide detailed assessments to ensure that the surgery is a safe and fitting step forward.

Candidates for Surgery Are:

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Good overall health and non-smoking status
  • At least one year living as the preferred gender
  • A supportive letter from a knowledgeable doctor or therapist
  • Total commitment to the gender transition process

Choose Dr. Matthew Lewis for Your MTF Gender Affirmation Surgery

Dr. Lewis and his dedicated team ensure you are in exceptionally skilled and caring hands. Dr. Lewis, a Board-Certified plastic surgeon in Portland, is renowned for his expertise in gender affirming surgeries. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his comprehensive education, including a medical degree from Oregon Health and Sciences University and advanced degrees in biochemistry and physiology. His approach to care is deeply personalized, blending technical precision with an empathetic understanding of the unique challenges and aspirations of his MTF patients. Dr. Lewis’s commitment to excellence is reflected in his meticulous surgical techniques and the natural-looking, transformative results he achieves. Supported by a compassionate team that prioritizes patient well-being and satisfaction, choosing Dr. Lewis means embarking on your transition confidently, supported by a surgeon who is as invested in your journey as you are.

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