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A brow lift is done to elevate the eyebrows and improve the appearance of unsightly lines and wrinkles on the forehead and upper eye region. In some instances, patients who are considering an upper eyelid lift actually need a brow lift and this is a very important thing to determine before undergoing upper eyelid surgery

What issues can a brow lift improve?

  • Minimize horizontal forehead lines
  • Elevate an aging, sagging brow
  • Smooth wrinkles on the bridge of the nose
  • Restore a more youthful facial contour

Who is a good candidate for brow lift surgery?

A brow lift is a terrific way to not only rejuvenate the upper third portion of your face – but also to transform your entire appearance. In general, Dr. Lewis recommends this surgery if you have:

  • A perpetually angry, sad or tired appearance due to a sagging brow
  • Prominent lines across your forehead and between your eyes
  • Heavy and drooping upper eyelids

Natural results: Dr. Lewis’s brow lift approach

With a brow lift, less is more.

Dr. Lewis is known for his conservative approach to the brow lift, which ensures naturally beautiful results. He avoids overly aggressive techniques that lift the brow too high because he knows that a subtle adjustment is all that’s needed for incredible results.

After surgery: What to expect as you heal

After your brow lift, plan to rest at home for 10 to 14 days. At that point, most of our patients are ready to return to work and their normal daily activities.

As you heal, it’s common to experience pain and swelling. Take your medication as directed and apply ice packs regularly to minimize these effects.

Use pillows to keep your head elevated for two full days after the procedure and wait until the bandages are removed to shower.

Your results

Once your swelling and bruising have subsided (usually in a few weeks) you will notice a visible and substantial improvement in your appearance. Your forehead should feel smoother, and your wrinkles should be less noticeable. The incision will be well hidden in your hairline, and any scarring should continue to lighten as your healing process progresses.

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