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Embrace your true self with confidence. Dr. Matthew Lewis’ expertise in FTM gender affirming surgery empowers you on your journey to authenticity in Portland, Oregon.

What is FTM Surgery?

FTM (Female to Male) gender affirming surgery encompasses a range of surgical procedures aimed at aligning individuals’ physical appearances with their male gender identity. These procedures may include, but are not limited to, top surgery and body contouring to enhance masculine features. Each surgical path is uniquely tailored to meet the individual's goals and needs, supporting a transition that fosters a stronger sense of self and well-being.

The Benefits of FTM Gender Affirming Surgery

People choose FTM gender affirming surgery to align their physical bodies with their gender identity, fostering a life lived with authenticity and confidence. The benefits of undergoing FTM surgery include:

  • Alignment of physical appearance with gender identity
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Reduction of gender dysphoria
  • Enhanced ability to live authentically
  • Increased comfort in social and professional settings

What Procedures are involved in FTM Surgery?

Dr. Lewis performs specialized procedures as part of FTM gender affirming surgery to align one’s physical appearance with their gender identity. These surgeries are profoundly personal and are carefully planned to meet your specific desires and health considerations.

Here are the key surgeries within this realm:

Top Surgery (Chest Masculinization): This procedure involves surgically removing breast tissue to create a masculine chest. The most common techniques include the double incision method, which is suitable for larger chests and involves removing excess skin, and the keyhole or periareolar method, ideal for smaller chests, which leaves minimal scarring. The goal is to remove breast tissue and contour the chest for a natural, masculine appearance.

Body Contouring encompasses several techniques for reshaping and masculinizing the body's contours. Liposuction is frequently used to remove excess fat from areas like the hips, thighs, and buttocks. In contrast, fat grafting can add volume to other areas, such as the shoulders, to create a more traditionally masculine silhouette.

What to Expect After Surgery

Post-operative care varies depending on the specific procedures but generally includes rest and limited activity to allow the body to heal properly. Patients can expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort initially, which can be managed with the medications prescribed. Specific instructions regarding wound care, compression garments, and when to resume normal activities will be provided. Follow-up visits are essential to monitor healing and ensure the best possible outcomes. While recovery times vary, most patients return to their daily routines within a few weeks, with complete healing and the final results of surgery becoming fully apparent over the following months.

Is FTM Surgery Right for You?

Candidacy for these surgeries is determined based on a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's health, goals, and readiness for the procedures. Ideal candidates are those who have thoughtfully considered the implications of surgery and are committed to the process.

Candidacy points include:

  • Ideally, A stable body weight within 20% of the desired weight ensures optimal surgical outcomes and minimizes complications.
  • Absence of significant medical conditions that could impair healing or increase surgical risks, such as uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease.
  • Non-smoker or willing to quit smoking well in advance of surgery and throughout the recovery period, as smoking can significantly hinder healing.
  • Emotional readiness and a clear understanding of the transformative journey, including the physical changes and recovery process, ensure the individual is mentally prepared for the steps ahead.
  • Letter of support from a medical professional who knows you and your gender transition journey well

Why Choose Dr. Lewis for Your FTM Surgery in Portland, Or?

Choosing Dr. Matthew Lewis for your FTM surgery is a decision to place your trust in a surgeon whose credentials and dedication to his craft are unparalleled. As a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Portland, Dr. Lewis combines a robust educational background with a deep commitment to excellence in patient care. He holds master’s degrees in biophysics and physiology from Georgetown University and a medical degree from Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU), showcasing his comprehensive foundation in both the science and practice of medicine. His approach to FTM surgery is about achieving aesthetic excellence and understanding and aligning with each patient’s journey toward their true self.

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