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47 year old female with a history of breast augmentation in 1997 with 750cc saline implants. The left implant was placed above the muscle and the right implant was placed below the muscle. Patient desired smaller breast implants, wished to change from saline to silicone, and wished to have both implants above the muscle as she did not like the animation of the right breast. The patient also desired a small breast lift.

Operation: Breast re-augmentation with Sientra Moderate profile 525cc implants. Right-sided pocket change from below the muscle to above the muscle. Capsulorrhaphy (shrinkage of the breast implant pocket), and Benelli Mastopexy (breast lift with incision around the areola).

Pre-Op Photos: Photo showing the animation deformity.
Post Op Photos: Post-Op photos showing that animation deformity has resolved.

Patient submitted photos. Dr. Lewis is very appreciative of patients who send in their own photos highlighting their exciting results.